my wardrobe colour palette

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by all of the clothing choices out there? Or do you find you have pieces in your closet that fit right and are the right style yet you still never wear them? One way to tackle both of these issues is to establish a colour palette for your wardrobe!

During one of my annual closet purges I noticed I had a whole bunch of tops and sweaters in a certain shade of beige that still had tags on them many months after I’d purchased them. I was horrified at myself for wasting all of that money, but felt too guilty to donate them, so I held on to them promising myself I’d wear them during the next season. Well…. the next year came and went and when I went to sort through my closet again there sat those same items still untouched! This time I took them all out and tried each one of them on. It was very clear that this shade of beige washed me out (which is hard to do because I’m already so pale!!) and honestly made me look sickly. So I donated those pieces and crossed that colour off my list for future purchases.

When I looked through my wardrobe I noticed many of my most worn pieces were in similar shades (many of them blue of course) and thus my colour palette was born! This has helped me to make fewer mistakes when buying new things and has also made my wardrobe more cohesive. Do I still buy things and months later they haven’t been worn? Sadly, yes, but much less often now that I know what colours work for me.

Another thing that has helped me spend more wisely on pieces that will get a lot of wear is the concept of a uniform, but I’ll save that for another post 🙂 Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you shop more intentionally!

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